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The Genuine Mom Club Podcast

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Listen to the latest episode’s of The Genuine Mom Club Podcast! Covering all things mom life, from comparison, to mental health, to raising sensitive kids, to birth trauma, to Preeclampsia, to mindfulness, to parental burn-out, to homeschooling and so much more! With a variety of incredible experts from around the world who help us learn more about this parenting gig! Come and hang out!

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you for being so genuine, honest, and vulnerable. You are helping mama’s everywhere! -Lucky Oakie

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you Jaymee for creating this wonderful podcast!! I can relate so much to everything you said!! So inspiring and encouraging… Thank you so much for doing this! -Ilene Sant Germain

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Dealing With Unwanted Opinions The Genuine Mom Club

We've all been there; you're having a great day when someone decides they need to spew their negative opinion of you. Maybe it was a judgment against your parenting, decisions, or education style. Either way, negative opinions from others are hard to deal with, especially when presented harshly.  Let's talk about it on this episode of The Genuine Mom Club Podcast.  To Connect with Jaymee: Website: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook: Join Facebook Group: The Anxious Mom Club Email me if you'd like to suggest a topic for The Genuine Mom Club Podcast or believe you'd make an excellent guest! Email:
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