What’s The Genuine Mom all about?

The Genuine Mom is all about unlearning this delusional idea that as moms and parents we need to have it altogether all the time. We need to be real with ourselves and with each other. It’s essential to share the good and the bad. To be there for all moms, and give them a space to share. We must support mom’s that have endured birth trauma, suffered from disorders of pregnancy, and dealt with perinatal mood disorders. That’s the mission of The Genuine Mom!

Resources are available to support mamas: Listen to The Genuine Mom Clubs Podcast to hear episodes filled with tips for moms, real life content, and more. Whether you’re a new mom, or a seasoned mom, this is for you! And check out The Genuine Mommy’s Activity Book!

Who am I?

I’m Jaymee, The Genuine Mom! I’ve struggled intensely with this whole motherhood comparison game that so many of us have found ourselves stuck in. I’m a survivor of Severe Preeclampsia, Birth Trauma PTSD, and Postpartum Anxiety. Through these battles I have found the desire to help mamas everywhere find peace, happiness and community.

My mission is to shine a light on real motherhood and to help you find happiness, peace and friendship! I’m thrilled to bring you The Genuine Mom Club Podcast, and The Genuine Mommy’s Activity Book to help you get through the days and not feel so alone.

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Jaymee the Genuine Mom
Jaymee The Genuine Mom
The Genuine Mommy’s Activity Book

Do you struggle to unwind? Exhausted but your brain just won’t turn off? This unique activity book was created for moms to help them unwind without scrolling aimlessly on social media. Filled with exclusive activities for moms, check lists to keep you taking care of yourself, and more! You’ll love The Genuine Mommy’s Activity Book!

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